New Arrivals July 2023

We started this month off as a festival of Bangkok’s wine community, showcasing the depth and dynamism of our wine scene through an outstanding tasting of over 60 different varietals from all around the globe. This month is a celebration been a of wine to say the least, and new arrivals landing on our shores are always a welcome party favor.

Expect to see a bit of regional focus here as we have a bevy of producers, but all representing decisively important regions. A strong showing of minimal intervention winemaking from the Loire and Alsace, some classics from the Rhône, a few eccentricities from Aotearoa, and a new yet familiar selection of flavors from some of Austria and West Coast America’s best.

From the cool banks of the Loire, our friends Frantz Saumon, Marie Thibault, and Lise & Bertrand Jousset not only grace us with their perennial favorites but bring new additions to the books.

On the bubbly side, two notably naturel Chenin Blanc based sparklers, Thibault’s ‘La Roue Qui Tourne’ and the Jousset’s magnum format ‘Éxilé Blanc PetNat’ are not to be missed, pairing perfectly with these hotter months. Following in tow with more mineral-minded white wines from our friend Frantz as well.

Returning timely to Bangkok are also the highly approachable wines of Damien & Coralie of La Grange Tiphaine. The new vintage of ‘Trinqu’ames’ especially captures this sentiment, being their freshest vision of Sauvignon Blanc suited for all palates and predilections.

Further east in the alpines, we have the Demeter-certified biodynamic houses of Zusslin and Achillée; one carrying with it fifteen generations of tradition, while the other ushers forth the modern guard of Alsatian winemaker.

House Achillée presents Hespéridé, a multi-vintage blend of single-varietal Gewürztraminer made extra-aromatic with a maceration on the skins. Delightful and textural. In addition, their easy-going natural ‘Pepin’ cuvées are back in shades of orange and petillant.

Zusslin’s Ophrys 2021 co-ferment of Pinot Noir and Auxerrois delicately coax together into a seductive potion of elegant, airy red.

Finally, from the south of France in the rocky Rhône Valley, the biodynamic-certified, yet highly precision-driven wines of M. Chapoutier. We’ve received lush, textural entry level whites along with a stunning array older vintages from sites in St. Joseph, Côte Rôtie, Chateauneuf-de-Pape, and the absolutely legendary hills of Hermitage.

From the Austrian regions of Burgenland, Weinviertel, and Wachau, we welcome new arrivals from our natural-oriented friends Claus Preisinger and Wabi Sabi, and the return of Johannes Zillinger’s endearingly approachable Gruner Velue Velue. And of course, on the more definitively classic side, the precise, baroque-motif-adorned wines of Weingut Knoll; known for their pure, crystalline portions of Smaragd Grüner Veltliner and Riesling a must-taste for fans of the varietal, including their Vinotheken bottling.s

Claus’ new ‘Puszta Libre’ is an exciting ultra-quaffable, highly chillable red wine made for quick and easy drinking that will be here for the first time in Thailand.

Next we travel to the South Island of New Zealand, in the highly reputed region of Marlborough where salty Sauvignon Blanc reigns supreme; long-time producer of ours, Churton Winery, graces us with a bottling from their new ‘Natural State’ line of wines.

Finishing with our North American winemaking friends, we have new bottlings from the folks at Peay Vineyards and Cep Wines, and the wines of Ghostwriter have returned with more cuvées after a long hiatus. This project, helmed by Thai-American skateboarder turned winemaker Kenny Likitprakong, boasts some of the most compelling flavors from the Santa Cruz mountain region, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah.

As for Peay, these serious, complex, and age-worthy California wines have been impressing and exciting for quite some time now. Find this month elevated selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the West Sonoma Coast’s iconic terroir. As well, for their second label, the Cep Wine project sees the addition of a cool and easy Syrah.

Finally, as these summer months call for even more enticing and refreshing beverages, we present to you Ragazzi & Succo! An Australian-made, orange-hued elixir of organic grape brandy, citrus, and botanicals; sure to make its way into your favorite spritz, sour, or apéritif. This complex and moreish beverage is a perfect low-abv crowd-pleaser, versatile enough to impress at any fête or fiesta.

All this an even more to be found on our newly updated price list of July 2023. We look forward to taking care of your wine selections during these toasty Bangkok summer months and seeing you at all our upcoming events. Please feel free to reach out should you have any further questions or inquiries.

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