About Us

Wine Garage was founded with the ambition to share our passion for artisanal wines. Our goal is to get people excited about discovering hidden gems in the vast wine universe. Set up in 2014 with a handful of vignerons, the portfolio today stands at over 100 producers and an eightfold of labels, crisscrossing continents from Auckland to Swartland, spanning Europe from Khaketi (Georgia) in the East to shores of Rias Baixas (Spain) in the West. Over in the Americas along the Coast of Oregon to Sonoma and all the way down to the Maule (Chile).

It took us over two decades to meet and connect with a vast array of special people – women and men listed here within. Some are first generation vignerons who followed their dreams, while others are custodians of treasured heritage. All of them share a common thread: an intimate knowledge of each and every plot of their land, and the traditional and natural processes through which they express their unique origins in the bottle. Simply put, our producers are master craftsmen.

For us, there is nothing more pleasurable than discovering a new wine and trying it out in good company. We encourage you to embrace the vibrant local food and wine scene, which is teeming with specialists and creative people who have made Bangkok their home. They have all contributed to Bangkok’s image as one of the best food and wine cities in the world.

Onward to discovery!