October and November Bring New Labels and Returning Favorites

A fast approaching festive season and (fingers crossed) hopefully dryer days ahead in Bangkok means fresh seasonal menus, fun new concepts, and a bounty of new arrivals from both old and new world producers. Some of these winemakers bringing forth new labels to us here in Thailand, while others have labels we are simply excitedContinue reading “October and November Bring New Labels and Returning Favorites”

Rajat Parr in Bangkok

We have been working with Raj and his wines since 2015. Initially only Sandhi Wines, then Evening Lands from Oregon and lastly also with the Pinot Noir specialist Domaine de la Cote. Each year, we grab the tiny allocation for Thailand, and are pleased to present them to you with the winemaker, communicator,  author andContinue reading “Rajat Parr in Bangkok”

Domaine de la Cote, Santa Rita Hills

The International Guild of Sommelier explains that wines coming from marginal or cool climate sites tend to get a lot of “wind exposure generally lead to grapes with thicker skins, thereby changing the skin-to-juice ratio of the fruit. Grapes with thicker skins tend to produce more concentrated wines even without excess purposeful extraction in theContinue reading “Domaine de la Cote, Santa Rita Hills”