A tale of lamb, salt and wine

It’s not just consumers who are looking for ingredients of provenance, but also the families who work the fields, the farmland and the vines who seek to nourish the environment for the greater good. New Zealand is naturally an ideal place, and Central Otago, a rugged landscape, where the Crutchleys completely transformed pastures over the past 10 years. They restored biological processes to the soil, moving away from a reliance upon agrichemicals that artificially promote growth. “Building living soil that does the growing for you, has proved a powerful, natural solution for creating nutritious forage,” says David, “the animals are so much healthier, the land so much more productive.” In similar fashion, Two Paddocks, where Sam Neill and his team planted and later turned vineyards to be certified organic. Montage Gourmet Salt harvest their salts mainly in Bali, Indonesia, however the Himalayan Salt comes from higher ground in Pakistan. Together, the combination offers you hand crafted goods that is readily available.

To prepare the leg of lamb, please follow these simple steps. Serves 3-4 adults


  • defrost 2 days before cooking in refrigerator
  • cut pockets approx. 2cm deep and stuff with garlic and rosemary sprigs
  • rub meat with chopped rosemary and rest for 3 hours or overnight in fridge (wrapped with film)


  • remove the leg 45 minutes before cooking
  • set oven to 220C (fan with grill)
  • season generously with Montage salt
  • roast at 220C for 30 mins and then reduce heat to 180C for another hour to achieve rare state
  • during this period you can baste the skin with the drippings
  • once desired doneness is reached, remove from oven and let rest under foil for 20 mins before carving

For making gravy from pan juice read here ; serve with vegetables and starch of your choice

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Provenance Lamb is farmed at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. Being raised at high altitude brings fatuous benefits to the eating quality and flavour of the lamb. These lambs are raised on regenerative farms (no chemical use on farm, being artificial fertilizers, nitrates, etc). Animals graze free range on mixed pastures of herbs and grasses (no chemicals are used on the soils where the sheep graze)

Montage Gourmet Salts: Have you ever wondered how Himalayan salt gets its pink tint? Unlike regular table salt, the natural harvesting process of Himalayan salt allows it to hold over 84 different minerals and trace elements. In fact, it’s these very minerals, especially iron, that give it its characteristic pink color. The Pink Salt Flakes are the perfect finishing touch to make your dishes pop with color and to add that beautiful crunch.

Two Paddocks: Featuring the Proprietor’s Grandfather, Sidney Neill – Wine Merchant, on the label, Picnic is the perennial favorite – the wine to enjoy everyday and a wonderful introduction to the pleasure of Central Otago Pinot Noir.  This fruit was sourced from Two Paddock’s own vineyards in Alexandra and Gibbston and Bannockburn. Picnic Pinot Noir is made in a diminutive style aimed to reflect the characters that Central Otago Pinot does so very well – black and red cherry fruit, spice and a generosity that keeps you reaching for the next sip.


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