Alpamanta, not just another Malbec

Half Dane-Half Austrian Andrej Razumovsky and his partners planted a new vineyard in Mendoza’s prime area of Luyan de Cuyo around 2005. They selected a patch of land that never was worked on before, with the aim to establish the first biodynamic vineyard in Argentina.


The reds from these high altitude vineyards – 1,000 meters and more – often get long and intense sun hours, giving rise to potent wines. So it was the more surprising to taste through Alpamanta’s lineup, only to find beautiful perfume, but more importantly texture and balance holding up the intense flavors.

bottle style.jpg

The adhered methods in the vineyard and cellar follow Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles and define this style of wine. Try it and let us know if it’s to your liking. 36,000 bottles produced.

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