Vin Gris!? Yes, a classy “grey wine” that is pink from the Lorraine

We do know and have occasionally tried a vin gris. But in hind sight, perhaps have taken more note of the Californian Vin Gris being offered, than ordering the original French version in a wine bar. Rosé wine, especially from Provence has been growing almost exponentially, but how does vin gris fit in?

Poolside at Siri House

Vin Gris can be made from any red grape. Important is the pressed juice does not spend much time on the skins to extract color, as well as phenols and tannins. Hence the wine is lighter than your typical rosé, and also drinks much fresher. In this northern climate, very close to Champagne, even the red wines are lighter, thus making this salmon colored Gamay-Pinot blend by Camille Migot a delicious and minerally wine choice.

Photo Cr: L’est Republicain

The serious organic farmer, is the 13th generation of this small domaine, and is starting to gain attention abroad. Their line up includes a superb sparkling wine – traditional method – as well as a fresh and juicy Gamay and bright Pinot Noir. The Vin Gris though is unique and the poster child of the small Cotes de Toul appellation.

Phot Cr: Estetique Homme

This is indeed a versatile wine for aperitif, summer salads and Asian fair. And since we took the poolside photo at Siri House, we would also advise to check out their online offering for delivery. Fresh dishes that will certainly go nicely with a Vin Gris. For details click here or call 094 868 2639

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