Wines with roots deep into nature

wonderfruit imageFor this ever improving music, art and food festival in Pattaya, we select some squeaky pure wines from our winemaking partners, who farm without chemicals and make wines by….not really doing much! The buzzword du jour is low intervention wines.

We are excited to pour a few Jauma wines that are unlike many natural wines: extremely easy to enjoy outdoor, where perhaps glasses and temperatures aren’t ideal. They expressive and bright, have nuanced flavors that enable you to appreciate aromas as they enfold.

SONY DSCIf you have to drink Champagne, then at least drink one that is from a Grand Cru village and organic for over 30 years, such as Andre Beaufort’s. The living soils make a wine that is dense, crystalline, with mineral flavors and structure. Disgorged about 2 years ago, this Brut Reserve is now blossoming.

There is wine, there is rock n roll, and there is music in a bottle from Ochota Barrels. Tara and Amber make the Slint Chardonnay coming from a cool spot up on the Adelaide Hills. Tightly wound, razor-sharp style of Chardonnay and gentle tingling on the tongue.

Most chefs at Wonderfruit will prepare Thai or Asian accentuated meals. The whites that work well with these are skin-contact wines with their spiced-tinged aroma and subtle oily texture. Claus Preisinger’s Kalkundkiesel isn’t an orange wine, as it lacks the structure and phenolics, but it certainly has vibe and kick to make you crave for more when downing delicious meals outdoors.

We have a few more wines available, but you get the style we aim to present. Make sure to check out the chef line up here.

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