Austrian Wine Week, Bangkok

We are super excited to be offering an array of Austrian varietals around some of Bangkok’s finest dining establishments from 1-5th October.


Franz, founder of Tastes of Austria and myself were both working in New York City around the millennium, but our paths crossed a few years later during a trade visit to Tokio. Since then I firmly believed in bringing in Austrian wines to Thailand, but had to wait until Wine Garage was founded in 2013. Franz supports the export of these fine and dynamic estates, but in some cases also helps with blending and refinement of specialty items such as the Hoch Pet Nat Kalkspitz and Kalkreich – both a must try! He will be on the floor at Oskar’s on 1/10, Quince on 3/10, Nahm on 4/10 and Fireplace Grill on 5/10. A great guy to chat and drink with


The cool evenings in continental Europe allow are expressive fruit flavors to be kept in balance by acids and tannins. Frankly most varietals, from any of the regions, and styles from classic to the natural or biodynamic are extremely food friendly, especially for cuisine in this part of the world. Come on this ride with us an our partners and taste some of the greatest organic wines around.

For more details please visit our event page with up to date information



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