Vasco Croft, winemaker Aphros, Portugal

Vinho Verde is the most northern wine region of Portugal, bordering with Spain’s Galicia. For this reason, the Albarinho grape is also prevalent here. Typically the light-bodied Vinho Verdes will be a blend Loureiro, Avesso and Alvarinho, each contributing a fair share to acidity, aroma and body. While thank god, the fizz in the wine has gone, the overachieving winemakers, such as Vasco Croft churn out are some of the best mineralic wines on earth.


Formerly an architect in Lisbon, Vasco switched careers and took over the century old family estate. He was one of the first to achieve biodynamic certification, and quickly focused his attention to the new-old-tools of fermenting and ageing in clay amphoras. To date, the range consists of various Loureiro wines or blends, plus some distinctive crunchy earthy and dark berried Vinhao, a red specialty of the region, plus some extremely limited Pet Nat wines.

Our wine today is Aether, is a 50-50% blend of tank fermented Sauvignon Blanc and barrel fermented Loureiro. The wine is light yet intense, exudes a melange of agrume, salty minerality, and herbal notes. Its the kind of wine that changes its character with its every sip. Try it as an aperitif, with shellfish or simply outdoors by the pool.


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