The emerald wine from the Wachau

White wines resonating an unmatched pedigree come from either Chablis, the Cote d’Or, German Grosse/Erste Gewachs, or the Wachau, and neighboring regions in Austria.

wachau danube

The Smaragd wine “is the name for the best, most treasured wines from the Vinea Wachau members. The alcohol content of these wines begin at 12.5% by volume. This, along with the highest grape ripeness and natural concentration are what make this world-class designation possible. Emerald-coloured lizards – also known as Smaragd – are at home in the terraced vineyards of the Wachau. On bright, sunny days, their beauty is highlighted dramatically as they bask in the gleaming sun next to the grapevines – the perfect symbol for the absolute top Wachau wines with full physiological ripeness” – trade association Vinea Wachau.

lizard graphic

While you likely will find opulent wines from neighboring estates, the Knoll family cherishes tight minerality and restraint. Their wines are often described as Baroque, very much the same feel as St. Urban, the patron saint of winemakers and vineyards, ornating on the label.

knoll cellar

If you find a liking to this style of wine, please also inquire about mature Gruner Veltliner from 2008 vintage, a Riesling Smaragd, or perhaps a single bottle of Knoll’s “Vinothekenabfulling” we have left from the 2011 and 2012 vintage.




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