Skirts, rumps & deep reds

Inside track with the Accidental butcher
Inside track with the Accidental butcher

There is certainly a wide range of beef around for carnivores to embellish, and one of them must be the free-range Cape Grim from Tasmania.

Inside flank
Inside flank, lovely

Steve Craig, owner of Accidental Butcher, explained the uniqueness of the forgotten cuts and how to prepare them, while Blair Mathieson, chef at Quince – Eatery & Bar grillled them lightly and served with either anchovy butter, tarragon aioli or red pepper jam.

Cape Grim cuts

A Wine Garage event would not be complete without sound wine, and guests were lucky to meet and taste the organic wines from Alain Chabanon, the local hero in in Montperoux. All his wines have great varietal expression while successfully marrying mediterranean warmth with elegance.

Montperoux wines
Montperoux wines

My personal favorite was a special cut called Picanha, which is part of rump cap.

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