Interview Bruno Lorenzon, Domaine Lorenzon

Name: Bruno Lorenzon

Winery: Domaine Lorenzon

Town/Country: Mercurey, France

Bruno Lorenzon

  1. Which spot in your vineyard is the most special and why?

The slope on top of the Champs Martin vineyard.  It is very chalky, not much clay and lots of stones, which gives our wine its purity and elegance.

2. If you link the dots in your life, which experience was the most crucial relating to how you make your wine today?

To have worked all around the wine world, and come back to Mercurey, realizing how lucky we are to inherit such great terroir.

Carline comes from the top slope
Carline comes from the top part of the slope
  1. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to when making wine in your cellar?

It varies a lot between classical, reggae and at time pop music.

barrel room

  1. Name a regional dish from your area, which matches best with one of your wines.

Without a doubt Cote du Boeuf!

  1. Name a restaurant from your recent travels around the world, which changed the way you thought about food and why?

Joel Robuchon in Tokyo for its finesse and beauty.

  1. If your wine would die, who or what would it come back as (person/animal)?

A great cyclist with a lot of energy!

Mercurey 1er Cru Carline

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