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There is wine for every occasion! And in our portfolio you will find the highest-quality wines available for every price point. We taste every vintage of every wine that makes it into the portfolio, thus ensuring that they have enough character to bear the Wine Garage name. The selection includes hard to source wines, by any standard around the world, so please discover.

  • Harem Ma Petit Francine
    Australia Yarra Valley 2017
    Harem Ma Petit Francine
  • Birdsey Seaview Cabernet Franc
    Australia South Australia 2017
    Birdsey Seaview Cabernet Franc
  • Cabernet Franc
    Chile Maipo 2016
    Garage Wine Co
    Cabernet Franc
  • Ephemere XVII
    France Loire Valley 2017
    Domaine de Bellevue
    Ephemere XVII
  • Chinon Les Picasses
    France Loire Valley 2009
    Olga Raffault
    Chinon Les Picasses
  • Bourgueil Breteche
    France Loire Valley 2011
    Domaine de la Chevalerie
    Bourgueil Breteche
  • Bourgueil Grand Mont
    France Loire Valley 2011
    Domaine de la Chevalerie
    Bourgueil Grand Mont
  • Howell Family Cabernet Franc
    New Zealand Hawke's Bay 2014
    Pyramid Valley
    Howell Family Cabernet Franc